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About Woningkeur

Woningkeur® Group is a franchise with a unique concept and strong brand. It is a national joint venture of independent home inspectors. Woningkeur works for individuals and businesses. We are qualified and certified and have a lot of knowledge about houses.

Why choose Woningkeur?

Our quality policy

In order to offer you the best service, Woningkeur provides you with a number of guarantees.

We believe it is important that our inspectors and services are and remain at a high level. For this reason, our inspectors regularly attend training courses and workshops.

Our services are insured

Being insured is not common in our field but we think it is very important to know that as a client of Woningkeur you are extra safe.

We have a professional liability insurance which implicates that damages caused by our inspectors are covered. The insurance is very strict and requires a very high quality standard. We are therefore proud to have it.

Our reports are NHG-recognized

Technical Home Inspection reports made by Woningkeur are licensed by the NHG, the SWEW and all the Autority Financial Markets recognized institutions.

Woningkeur implements an ISO9000 level quality policy, which dictates regular quality control. Woningkeur is affiliated with the Vakkundig Gekleurd label and energy labels are drawn up in accordance with BRL9500 under the IKB2863 certificate.

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We take good care of our customers.


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